The Wave Deco stainless steel world map is a decoration of choice. The 24 “x 48” format fits well in any decor. The large stainless steel surface will sparkle several reflections of light that will make it unique on each of its angles.

  • Dimension : 1 panel 24 “X 48”
  • Material: 0.08 inch thick stainless steel
  • Fixing device included


Geographical maps appeared 2600 BC. BC they were partial with sections in white since these regions were not explored. Over time, land and sea explorers completed the maps to draw the first planispheres in the period of great discoveries from the fifteenth century.
For this work, the silhouette of the continents of our planet was conceived from the projection of Peters. Indeed, there are several methods of representation, in two dimensions of the earth. In 1569, Gerardus Mercator designed a projection of the earth that preserves the angles, which is rather advantageous for navigation. On the other hand, this type of projection distorts the proportions enormously when we move away from the equator. For example, on the Mercator projection, Greenland and Africa seem to have the same air while the latter is 14 times larger. It is mainly for this reason that many mathematicians have developed various types of projection. In 1855, James Gall made the screening of Peters for the first time. This projection quickly became popular because it retains proportions between continents. This is the projection that gives the best representation of our planet.
By far the best seller masterpiece of Wave Deco, the map of the world conquered the heart of all travelers, the lover of history or geography as well as all those who wish to have a unique and elegant decoration.