The Peace & Love is a modern stainless steel decoration that remembers good memories of the past. Its elegance as well as its complete format as well modern as traditional houses.

  • Dimension: 24 “diameter
  • Material: 0.08 inch thick stainless steel
  • Fixing device included


This work is strongly inspired by the “Flower Power” movement of the 1960s reflecting values of peace and love.
The first value is represented by three symbols of peace. The first illustration of peace is in the literary sense, it is peace word written in English, “peace”. The second is a universal symbol of peace, the dove. Here we can see it, discreet but at the center of the work. The third element is the acronym of peace and love. The external form of the work represents this acronym.☮.
The value of love is complementary to that of peace, just as the supporters of the “Flower Power” movement the work of Peace & Love is adorned with floral motifs as well as small hearts.
Peace & love is a psychoelastic work that will complement your decor to perfection.