• Imagine and we will realize


Unique collection

Over the years, we accumulate numerous creations of metallic wall patterns. Our impressive collection has a large number of representations of all kinds made with an unmatched precision.

Wall decorations

It all starts with your idea. The latter materializes in the form of a sketch before being specially adapted for cutting. The result is a unique mural that can enrich the appearance of your walls.

Decorative partitions

Decorative partitions: suspended ceilings, balustrades and stairways are popular arrangements for guests wanting to bring personality and style to their living space.

A team at your service

A team that listens to your ideas We are inspired by art, culture and people that inhabit our environment. Each member of our team brings his own expertise, his distinctive energy and his spontaneity: qualities essential to the success of our common mission.

  • Sébastien Bellerose
  • Rosanne Bisson
  • Christopher Gauthier


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